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Visualize your data und results in a smart Dashboard instead of a complex spreadsheet.

Enrollment Management

Enroll student to your school with ease.

Fees Management

Allows schools to invoice parents and allocate payments made by parents on the system.

Calendar Management

An interactive school calendar that keep parents up to date with the school events.


Send communications to parents via Email, SMS or both.

Form Builder

Easily create surveys and polls to collect parents feedback and measure parents satisfaction.

Records Management

Intergrate with your microsoft OneDrive and securely manage your organizations records via tutee.

School Reports

Create learner's school reports and share with parents with ease.

Activity Feed

Log learner's incident report, activities, notes, pictures, video and more.

Meal Management

Allows you to manage the meals you serve and update parents on what was served.

Transport Management

Register and manage school transport drivers and keep track.

Lost and Found Items

Allows the school and parents log lost or found items so they can be claimed by their rightful owners.